Trade EXIT – SOFI – 08/13/2021

Hi Profit Accelerator Traders! 

Time to exit our trade. 


TYPE: Sell to Close the Call
EXP:  Sep 17
STRIKE:  $55
ENTRY: 1.45
EXIT: 0.26


GAIN: *-82%


There was a big gap down today. We’ll leave it on the track record but hopefully everyone was already out yesterday. If you exited, you should have been in profit. 

Here’s what was in the August 6th report: *SOFI announces earnings after market on Aug 12th so this trade doesn’t have very much time. If you are more risk adverse or this trade does not trigger, wait until after earnings for a potential post-earnings trade. If the trade does trigger, use a tight stop and to be the most safe, exit before market closes on Aug 12. I talked about this in the Profit Accelerator mastermind call today so check out the recording if you couldn’t make the class live.