Trade Alert – ADI/BA – 07/28/2020

Hi Profit Accelerator Traders!

First, keep in mind this is a high-tension week. Tech has been carrying the market for a long time and big tech earnings announcements are happening all week. We’ll have some trades one way or another but this is a week to be careful. We could see some volatile action.

Here are the trades:


TYPE: Buy to Open a Put
STRIKE:  $115
EXP:  SEP 18
ENTRY:  $5.90 or better
TARGET:  $8.50
STOP:  $4.80


**We’re waiting for earnings tomorrow. IF earnings are weak for BA, we’ll
pass on this trade. If earnings are strong for BA, then (and only then) do
the following:**

TYPE: Call (if price breaks above $182.95)
STRIKE:  $185
EXP:  Oct 16
ENTRY:  $15.50 or better
TARGET:  $21.70
STOP:  $12.40