Note on the Track Record

Hi Profit Zone traders.

It came to our attention yesterday that an exit report for a previous trade was recorded on the Track Record while the exit alert was not sent out via email or Telegram.

This was an oversight on our part and we’re very sorry for any problems it may have caused. All of the positions on the Track Record are taken in real-time in a live market to ensure accuracy. Once the position has been filled in the live market, it is recorded on the Track Record and then an email and a Telegram message are sent out.

This is our process for every trade, and we failed in our process on a previous position. We’ve noted that discrepancy on the Track Record.

Please know that, going forward, the Track Record, email, and Telegram message will all be sent out simultaneously (or within seconds of each other). We want you to get these alerts in an accurate, timely manner.

Again, we’re very sorry for any confusion and have put in safeguards so it won’t happen again.


ProfitZone Staff