Echo Trade Entry – MARA

Buy $43 Oct-15-21 Calls $4.00 (plus or minus $0.20)

MARA had a pullback on bitcoin’s “flash crash” – which I think was just a regular ole pullback after hitting the 2.618 extension off the July pullback.  MARA has a nice setup to see some higher targets at Target 1 – $47 or Target 2 – $50.50, and possibly higher.  The call options have a ton of IV priced in, so it may be a good decision to consider shares. Support down to 35.75 area.  We do have a resistance zone to clear at the weekly pivot and 61.8% fib around 41.75-42.25 area.


Buy $43 Oct-15-21 Calls


$4.00 (plus or minus $0.20)




Target 1 $47

Target 2 $50.50

If this is your first echo trade I strongly suggest watching the masterclass for proper trade sizing in your account BEFORE taking the trade.  


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