Echo Trade Entry – YETI

YETI has been on a pullback and sideways consolidation for a few days. Support zone down to 96.50 area.  Target 1 at $107 and target 2 at $109 area. We have resistance to clear at the 103-103.50 area, so be on the lookout for failure to go higher in that area. 

You are welcome to use different strikes, expirations, or even directly use stock.


Buy $105 SEP-17-21 Calls


$3.00 (plus or minus $0.10)

Support Zone

$96.50 area


$103 – $103.50


Target 1 $107

Target 2 $109

If this is your first echo trade I strongly suggest watching the masterclass for proper trade sizing in your account BEFORE taking the trade.  


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