Echo Trade Entry – AAPL

Buy $160 Nov-19-21 Calls $2.20 (plus or minus $0.10)

AAPL made a nice pullback and has signaled an early entry.  I am buying the $160 Nov-19 calls with a Target 1 around $160 (I said 161 during the live session) and a Target 2 around $164 (I said 165 during the live session). We have resistance above us to clear, and you should watch closely for price action to fail and make a lower low – just like the SPY alert today. Make your own decision on the risk you are willing to take.

You are welcome to use different strikes, expiration, or even directly use stock.


Buy $160 Nov-19-21 Calls


$2.20 (plus or minus $0.10)


Above $153


Target 1 $160

Target 2 $164

If this is your first echo trade I strongly suggest watching the masterclass for proper trade sizing in your account BEFORE taking the trade.  


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