SPY has fully tested support and held strong.


Buy to Open SPY April 09 2021  $400 Strike Calls


Calls are valid for a lower price around $0.76 (plus or minus $0.10)


Updated based on information below

**WARNING** if SPY is down >$6 (less than $384.50)  at the 3/26/21 opening then the trade may be invalid.

If this is your first echo trade I strongly suggest watching the masterclass for proper trade sizing in your account BEFORE taking the trade.  

A sustained move into or below support is a signal that it may be time to cut this trade.  If we can clear resistance at the 394 area, then we should see a move up to the $401 area.  I set alerts on the price of SPY and use that to tell me when to exit. Updates will be posted in the text group. 


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