This Roller Coaster Doesn’t Go Straight Up :roller_coaster:

I think at times we have to temper expectations.

We are in the most volatile mainstream asset class that exists.

Historically, dips happen. It’s people that have a plan and can keep even keel who are best setup for success during this time.

This is a buying opportunity. There are lots of people like myself who seize the opportunity for a huge dip.

We recognize that it might not rebound tomorrow, but there was talk about Bitcoin never going under 50k again.

It feels like buying at a discount, if you believe in the long term opportunity of this space.

Both the stock market along with the crypto market has struggled. Historically, they rebound, the timeline, unclear, but long term, WAGMI (We all gunna make it)

Onward and Upward :rocket: :crescent_moon: