Staying The Course :motorway:

So often when things aren’t going according to the best possible perceived outcome, it creates panic.

People forget the reasons they started in the first place.

It’s my belief that as capital allocaters, we are trying to accumulate the best assets, at the best price points, with a vision for the future being brighter than the past.

Summer of 2020, Say you bought some crypto, if you went into hibernation, woke up right now, you’d likely just be really excited. 300% growth.

But if you’re looking every day. You could be panicked. Anxious. Jittery.

I think during these times its best to evaluate where you’re at, perhaps take a look at your own risk tolerance and if you can handle this.

For many of us who have been in the space, we just know its part of the ride and are enjoying the opportunity to double down.

Be careful, have a plan.

Onward and Upward :rocket: :crescent_moon: