Hey Homie,

Half Way There, But Not Living On A Prayer :pray: :100:

Mark it a month where we are continuously experiencing positive momentum. Bitcoin is over 50k and has a real shot at 100k before the end of year.

The more we come back from getting knocked down, the more it legitimizes that this isn’t a fluke. That this is a true sector to take seriously.

Coinbase announced they are putting $500 Million dollars towards Crypto on the balance sheet along with 10% of profit going forward.

Visa just purchased 6 figures in Crypto Punk’s which are in the NFT space. Again, lending credibility for the space as a whole.

Things are continuing to pick up steam. We could be in for a huge end of year. All of this stuff is only propelling the space forward.

Get ready for an explosive end of the year!

Onward and Upward :rocket: :crescent_moon: