The Ups :arrow_up: & Downs :arrow_down:

Part of the reason investing is challenging for most people is because they can’t separate their emotions. Candidly, to accomplish that feat is a major obstacle for all investors. For me, this is all a road of what I am  used to at this point. But for people that are new to this ride, there’s a lot of bumps.

Bitcoin is up 12% in the last 24 hours. If that happened in the stock market it would be breaking the internet and blasted on every major financial new station.

Its really positive to see Bitcoin (which drives much of the market and is currently doing so) break out of a downward trend. Does that mean its turning around permanently, I’m not sure. No one truly knows that. But this IS the behavior we would hope to see if that were the case.

Along with positive news and speculation coming on bigger projects. There are rumors floating around of big events to bring in more money. According to CoinTelegraph, Amazon is considering allowing Bitcoin for payments. That would be SIGNIFICANT news. In addition to that, New Jersey is looking at investing in Bitcoin as part of its Pension fund. These types of things create LONG TERM VALUE. That’s what we care about.

Onward and Upward :rocket: :crescent_moon: