Hey Homies,

“Look at what’s going on BEHIND the scenes :male-detective:

You may have heard the phrase that goes something along the lines of “Judge me not by my words but by my actions”. I think that people’s actions are way more telling than their words. In how this relates to crypto, there are so many examples. JP Morgan CEO Jaime Dimon will come out and bash Bitcoin, but then JP Morgan already has put all the necessary things in motion and publicly announced they are launching a Bitcoin ETF. Elon Musk has been hot and cold about his stance, but Tesla bought $1B dollars worth of Bitcoin, that’s a 1 billion dollar statement for me.

I don’t think you can play both sides of the field, you cant tell me you dislike Vanilla ice cream and then we go to the ice cream parlor and that’s the flavor you order.

Again, judge people and companies on their actions, not their words. Those are the things that are telling. ”

Onward and Upward :rocket::crescent_moon: